Bugs again

Aug 2, 2007
Yesterday after many times of convince people from SimRacin.PL that there is not only rFactor, finally the start of Race07 league has been open.

I was very happy and I took a part in this event. Many people was very sceptic to this game and I was angry to them, but after all they were unfortunately right.

What do I mean? Bugs, bugs that destroyed opinion about my beloved game.

1. I think well-known bug. PP (pole position) bug. Two cars on 1 grid.

2. After few turns one of the guy that took a part in PP bug was not visible by the game and did not count the times for him, despite of visibility by the other players.

3. I think this bug has not been reported yet. The race had 40 minutes. After 40 minutes the leader accross the finish line and received information that he won the race and automat took over the steering of the car. But another guys drive normally and passsed the leader and race was finished after the next lap. Unfortunately somoeone who won the race was qualified as one of the last

I am very angry. Enthusiastic of the start of the league in the biggest Polish simracing portal and shame of it after the race. I tried to convince many people that this game is great, but I know now it isn't. Maybe for offline issues. For online is totally masacre.

Where can I officialy reported this bugs?
Nov 5, 2008
Don't know where you can report the bug, but you are right. there is a number of bugs in this games multiplayer,

the pole position bug, theres random blue flags, cars that dont get too see anyone else when the race starts, the time i went to the grid and found my car on its side in the pit wall waiting for the green light!

Can't wait for these to be sorted.

João Andias

Sep 14, 2008
On a recent 120 mins race (at the Nord) while leading my car disappeared on the 16th lap to others and my classification begun to drop (but my lap times and lap number to me were correct).

In the end the most difficult part was lapping other players as they didn't see me and would block me. All in all I gave 19 laps and by the end of the 19th I saw the checkered flag (the others did "only" 18 laps). Then I reaper to my fellow racers but in 13th place.

By comparing the replays we noticed a logical difference, mine where I don't disappear and server's where I do disappear on 16th and reappear at the end of 19th (when the others are already chatting).

By looking at replay we found out that at the start there were already 2 ghost cars (the ones at the rear of the grid who didn't have time to qualify), as the race progresses, about the 6th lap one of the ghosts reapers, but another is created (the leader at the time), after a while, another reapers, and yet another is created (we have to verify this fully yet). It seems the server only accounts well for the well synchronized number of racers at start (17 racers + 2 "unaccounted" Ghosts on that race).

My advice would be to make sure everyone is at the server well before the race (it can be hard to coordinate 25 players) and that no synchronization "bugs" are present at the grid (cars in same spot and "ghost" racers) before doing a league race (or the sort).

Btw this is different from the well known "I don't see anyone on the grid" "glitch" wish is easily solved by pressing + then - in the num. keypad.
Aug 2, 2007
Yes, but SimBin as I know knew about this bugs one year ago and the bug has not been fixed,

All this bugs destroy their reputation in Simracing world. Many people choose rFactor because of the better multi.
Sep 4, 2008
these are known issue and i'm pretty sure Simbin is looking at them and a way to solve them
They have been known issues for a hell of a long time. Even though Simbin has released patches, they haven't fixed much in the way of serious bugs.

I guess all their programmers are busy on Lizard and don't focus to much on the buggy old engine they sold to PC gamers - even though they want to sell us more expansions:rotfl:

Don't get me wrong, I like this game. I just don't like the way Simbin does some things.

Eckhart von Glan

Dec 29, 2006

yeah, pretty annoying bugs they are, but - hey - count the races you have finished with nothing happening bug-wise. Far more than those bugged, right?
I have no clue about net-code, but even a game like LFS that seems to have been tailored specifically to online racing suffers from the occasional bug.
There are so many variables online in milliseconds, it's more like a shark pond than a swimming pool for the poor code to get through.

Nigel Atkins

Jan 3, 2007
one of the bugs is easily avoided, if all drivers join the grid before 30secs to go, any later than 10secs to go and they stand a chance of being classed as P1 and drivers in front will get the blue flag.

Luc Mangas

Nov 12, 2008
For now, the only big complain I have with GTR-E is the collisions : sometimes you touch "very kindly" another guy and your car is going wild. I did some 360° where clearly I shouldn't have done them. On the other hand, sometimes you can have a serious accident (like trying to fly...) and then go on with the race, without a scratch.