Steven Palmer

Sep 15, 2008
Is this a know bug, during the race tonight the indicator showing tyre temp never changed, it stayed at a constant 123 ish an coloured purple for most of the race. Now it works OK in quali, lights up like a christmas tree sometimes :)

When I took a pitstop it changed to showing the tyres at yellow 214 degrees and only 3 of those little pips beside of the wheel were yellow. Strange.
Feb 19, 2007
actually it is not a bug Steve
Sim factory did it like that so you don't know the tire temp during the race (make it a bit more realistic.....you have to guess on the behavior of the car if you are pushing the tires to much or just driving to slow....only during pitstop or being in the pit you can see your tire temperature...
Let's just say you get the latest tire temperature and tirewear when the crew took off the old tires....that is stock car :wink: