(Bug ?) Changing pitlane and racing line not updated




I just start creating a track using BTBevo and I encounter an annoying issue, I made a track, another one as future pitlane, playing a bit with AI line and start/finish markers, then change the shape of the main track and whatever I do, even "clear all" action, the pitlane spots remains where they have initially put and can't be updated/moved to the new one.
On the picture, you can see the current track shape and the former pitlane corridor, I can delete spots on old pitlane but three of them can't be deleted and the two joining the main track can't be moved AFAIK (the other one can only be moved).

I watch how the "aiw" file looks like with aiweditor tool and I can see the old pitlane still in used whereas now these is no "physical" track linked to it.

So how can I update the pitlane to use the new one without creating a new track from scratch ?

Thanks, regards.

Update: after watching some tuto videos + reading post, I just figure out that this "pitlane" is the default one added automatically by BTB, and there is also another one to the second track (the pitlane itself). So it's my mystake.

I have seen lot's of things about merge tracks in the graphical point of view but there is nothing about merge tracks in the "track definition" point of view, I mean how to merge two tracks, or more, into real one, with only one AIW file and to finally see only one track in the track selection list ?


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