Budget hardware and racing games

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  1. Péter Bártfai

    Péter Bártfai

    Hello guys! I'm looking for some info really hard to find, so I thought I would ask it here.
    If I get an A6 6400k APU with 4 gigs of RAM, do I have the chance to play Assetto Corsa and/or rFactor 2 in multiplayer, 1366x768 low settings, with a relatively stable 25-30 FPS performance? I know it's not a very powerful APU, but most probably it's the best option for me right now if I want to build a new computer that's cheap and quiet. Just for reference, my current PC has a Pentium D in it, I think that tells you everything. (I had a new PC in plan since years but it always got cancelled due to more important things, but this time I actually started collecting components, finally:) )
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    Since no one answered you and it is 2 weeks later you most likely already bought something, but i'll answer anyway.
    I would go for a few euro more and get an A8 or even better a recent A10. You will be able to play both games well enough to enjoy them on low settings, above 30 fps.The A6 are meh and not worth spending money on.
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