Budget DD-Wheel


Mar 16, 2019
Hello Dear Racing Enthusiasts,

at first i want to shortly introduce myself and say sorry for my rubbish english :D.

My name is Stephan aka Balu in Ac and other Sim's.

In the last weeks I've redesigned my T3Pa Pedals (own pedal arms, rubbers between the brake, hall, loadcell, arduino programmed and much more) made a gt rim and a button box on a budget. My intention is to improve the simulator on a relative small budget. The next step would be now to switch to a fanatec csw or direct drive wheel.
Unfortunately it is pretty ornate to mount a non Fanatec Wheel to a Fanatec Base without Fanatec's Universal Hub, which is freaking expensive.

So i want to switch to an DD-Wheel and Arduino/Joystick Board for the rims (works really well with '' thrustmaster Base'' ).
My problem is that the documentation about direct drive Wheels is really '' thin''.
Only three options for servo engines and argon or ioni Pro.

In my case i could get my hands on an quite cheap lenze MDSKBS 050-45. The engine have 8.6 nm holding torque, but the Nn is 4500 and Udc 560V.
I have no idea if it could do the job?

So it would be really great if, anybody which is handy with DD- wheels and electronic could give me some advice.

I would risk to give it a try with second hand stuff and maybe we could do a real open source project out of this.

Programming and CAD (for 3d Prints) should'nt be the trouble.

Thanks in advance