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BTCC race weekend program/guide? - Donington

Hey guys.

Managed to talk the other half into a weekend at Donington BTCC this year!

Going for the full race weekend as I want to see the support races and Quali too.

However, I've never been to a race before so have no idea what to expect, what's on offer etc.
Can't find any program or guide to the weekend or even Donington itself beyond a couple of tourist maps showing layout.

Would anyone who's been to a race weekend be kind enough to share a brief outline of the weekend:

What's on offer?
What times things generally happen (race times, support races etc)?
What access is like? I know I can buy stand tickets separately but what about the rest of the track, are you free to walk around to different areas/viewpoints etc?

Any other tips or advice for a 1st timer very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :)