BTB Tunnel problem

I have a problem with the underpass area on my project. The track goes under the pitlane, but if I look up while in the underpass, I see nothing! I see the walls on the road above, but I don't see the road itself. Obviously, I can drive on that road and it appears. But I can't see it when I'm in the underpass. Look at the two rFactor pics. The first is in the underpass, the second on top.
This is a real problem as I want to make that area dark as in the Google street view photo.



For underpass you can make a big Wall, but materials inside. Then for front wall of the tunnel another wall , but using sections.

BobsTrackBuilder - Tunnelwall.jpg

Here can download BTB Project to see the details.


Well, you could create a very dark or even black texture then apply it to the wall. Not an expert and there may be a better way but it's a start:)
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