BTB Trial to full question

I've got a question to ask before I dosh out £40 for BTB Pro.

I have the trial version on my PC, and it recently expired. If I purchase the full version, will it remember the cookies stored on the computer?

In other words, will the program work or will it give me the licence expired dialogue box? I don't want to spend £40 for BTB full to find out that it won't work. Sorry I'm a bit paranoid.
It dosn't work like that.
And no you won't get a licence expired dialogue.
Even in it's current form is well worth the money


I agree :) Remember to unplug all USB (and similar) devices before requesting the licence (while sending the Hardware ID). There were some post on the Forum about such problems with BTB not working after getting a license.
Ok thanks but I can't unplug all USB devices because my keyboard, wireless adapter for the internet, and mouse are USB!
I agree, it is well worth the money. £40 and the amount of tracks that could be created...
Thanks for the quick replies. :)


I mean external HDD's, memory cards - these kinds of devices of course :) I guess this is about storage devices, not keyboards, mouse. I have internet from cellular modem - can plug and unplug this any time and nothing happens.
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