BTB terrain material editing?

basically i would like to know if there is any way of editing the material on the terrain, more specifically can you rotate/change scale. because as shown on my screeny each of the texture faces are all facing the same way, is there any way to get the texture to allign with the track?
if there is no way around this i'm probably gonna end up using walls, however as we know if you put a sand texture on a wall it still feels like a wall when you drive over it for instance, is there anyway i can set each wall texture to behave like that texture in game?.
you could try changing the rfactor material name from wall to grvl in the materials section of your xpacker.... see if that helps
There are others you could also use I believe this is the full list of rfactor material names Below

Roada -> road (that's easy)
Rdax -> Roads Bumps LVL1 //small bumps washboard
Rdta -> Roads Bumps LVL2 //Road Crack Sharp short bumps
Rdcp -> Road Cement Patchs
Rged -> Dusty berms
Gras -> grass (easy too?
Grxs -> rough Grass
Grvl -> Gravel
Dstg -> Dusty Grass
Gtrp -> Gravel Trap
Rmbl -> Rumblestrips (fake bumping added)
Twall -> Tirewalls
Wall -> Wall
Grdr -> Guardrails
Safer -> SAFER Walls:cool::wink:
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