BTB running under VMWare



For all those who are still saying that they cannot get BTB to work without spitting it's dummy on the hardwareId, try running with XP under VMWare player.

VMWare player supports using an "XP mode" version of XP for those with windows 7 pro, otherwise you will need to have an old copy of XP to install (keeping this legal of course..)

The only requirement to get something reasonable to run, is to make sure you turn on 3D graphics acceleration in the VMWare hardware, display options, this gives fairly good D3D support with hardware T&L support etc.

Set up just as normal with XP, install dot net 2 and it's updates. Latest version of directx redist and then Bobs your uncle...

Running on a intel Q6600 with 4Gig of DDR2 and an 8800GT under Windows7 (64 bit) and with the VMWare session set to use 2Gig of memory, it scores 29500 under 3Dmark 2001, 16614 under 2DMark 2003.

VMWare also has a thing called unity mode, where it runs applications within the virtual machine directly on the hosts desktop.

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