Btb problem with window material

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by maxg75, Oct 6, 2011.

  1. maxg75


    Hello everyone, I am building a path for rbr of 15 km but I'm almost running out 'now I'm starting to have problems with the BTB that slows me down too much since many times it happens that when I try to open the window of the materials is of the walls of the street I get the 'error' An unhandled ecccezione from 'effect' and the window does not load the materials, and only after several attempts to reopen the screening program will be set to work.
    Can you give me a solution?
  2. Pangaea


    unhandled ecccezione? was it "exception" ? Are you using google translator by any chance?
    Not really sure what your are asking, but It seems you may have assigned or re-assigned a material that was linked to another object or instance of a texture. Did you make any backups of your project, have you any earlier saved versions?
    Can you provide screenshots of the windows (dialogues) you are having problems with ?