BTB License - What happens when it expires?


Nov 15, 2009
Hi I want to get BTB but i've seen people talking of expiring licenses.

If your license expires (when does it?) do you have to buy a new one?

Also, do you have to pay to upgrade (i.e., from v8.0.0.0 to v9.0.0.0) or is that free?



When you buy a license you choose how long you want it to run for. The reason being that the copy protection is linked in with the hardware ID that you provide when you buy your license so if you think that you will be changing computers soon then go for a short one or if your computer is brand new you might choose a longer one when it runs out you just renew it, there is no further charge. At the moment Brendon is saying that upgrades are free for life so hopefully he will still be able to do that. I know that all licences are being reset for the next upgrade but I don't know if that has always been the case as I started with 0803.


Mar 17, 2009
I have strange problem... I did license for two month (BTB pro). And he must expired in 1/26/2010, but program "say" that my license is expired now :O . I try upload license files from mail and from site, but result is the same. Update my BTB bet no have result.

Now I must wait 2 weeks for new license becouse can't generate new :(