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BTB & Google Street View



Hi :)

the road I want to build is on street view! :)
I think I can use it for speed my works!
For example I can create easily textures from google images and build various objects or place it in great "walls" for distant views.

Someone has already tried this?
Other suggestions for better use of this resource?


Oct 18, 2009
Altho ive not used street view for BTB i have done what your thinking for other projects ( im a 3d artist at heart ) so ive needed to create streets that represented real world locations, so i just snagged a few images for both sides of the street ( about 8 images for each side ) then mapped those onto flat planes in a 3d editor, and yeah they come out ok, for distance shots, but you wouldnt want to use them for close up stuff. The images just aren't that good a resolution for that kinda thing. I have used google earth a bit for making tracks in BTB tho. with the old "make a PATH in google earth , then import the kml into BTB " that works very well..

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