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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Brendon Pywell, Jun 27, 2014.

  1. Caribstu


    First, yes there are some threads addressing this issue, older threads, but none of the usual answers are solving the problem.

    AI driving clean through walls.

    OK. Here's a video link and at 4:05 -4:06 you can clearly see an AI go off track through the wall and back through it to come on track. As if the wall is not there..
    . What's more at that point there are four walls. The cement track wall. The tyre barrier, the tyre binding barrier, and an invisible wall.

    What i've done to solve this problem.
    Ensure all walls are collision objects in BTB. Tick.
    Ensure all walls are collision objects in 3Dsimed. Tick
    Ensure all materials are correctly named. (cem cmwl wall twal). Tick
    Ensure racing line does not encroach wall area. Tick
    Ensure corridors do not exceed track limits. Tick
    Ensure centerline is center. Tick
    Add additional invisible wall starting from 4m below ground up to 10m height above ground. Tick
    Delete all the wall, rebuild them all in BTB, and import them fresh. Tick.

    After doing all of that, i even widened the track at specific points where this occurs, by moving the walls back and adding some run-off curbing. But still, in an instance such as the one in the video where I've dived up the inside of the AI, he should end up buried in the tyrewall but instead goes right through four walls.

    So, now i am lost for solutions.
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