BSOD recovery options

Yesterday I started having some minor issues, and this morning my PC will not boot at all.

Running WIN10, no recent updates. Updated BIOS to latest version, made no difference.

System restore (launched from command line) failed.

Selecting "reset this PC" under advance options failed also.

I have installation files, so I can do a clean install, obviously a PIA!

Any ideas what I can try before doing a full reinstallation of WIN10?

So far everything I have tried has failed.

I decided to go ahead with reinstalling WIN10.

Now to figure out all the settings for AC and ACC again - neither working properly yet.

At least I still have my mods :)
In the future, if you keep that copy (e.g. flash drive or DVD) of Windows 10 installation media,
it includes tools for repairing that version of Windows without full reinstallation.
Thanks for the reply.

None of the repair options worked, just got a message saying the process failed. It was strange.

No idea if it is related, but it all started with issues with the three Nobsound amps I was using to power my bass shakers. Sat down to race two days ago, and realized something was missing :( First one amp, then the other two. Can't see how the two could be related, but one evening the amps go, next morning PC was dead.

Miss the shakers a lot!

EDIT: Tried powering down Nobsound amps once to no affect. Today unplugged all connections, and let power supplies all power completely down. Reconnected, and I am all good to go!!
Now to dig out all the instructions on how I had everything configured.
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I keep a second OS on my program drive for emergency situations. Other thing to consider if the issue happens again is to start with the full power down, including holding the power button on the case down for 15 seconds after you turn off the PSU to clear any residual power in the caps/Motherboard. Much easier than an OS re-install/BIOS Flash/etc. and is first on my list whenever there is a hardware issue.
I have now created a Windows image, and a bootable thumb drive. Hopefully I can restore that image should this ever happen again.

Just as important - I have backup up my SimHub profiles!