Brookdale Speedway v1.0 by Jka & ISI

In light of recently released new Stock Cars content, and affiliate with 3rd parties, ISI released a new Brookdale Speedway track by Jka.

LINK - 368MB

News post (and screens):

The track is a conversion produced by Jarkko “Jka” Kauppi, with cameras from “yoss”. As far as I know this is entirely third-party.

Note: Although it has different radius turns, this isn't a 'Darlington' clone. It's probably a more fun track, much more wide open, sort of feels like a cross between Darlington and Bristol, yet it is almost 1.5 miles.

Description:Not tough, but still tricky to tame, Brookdale Speedway is certainly unique. It’s egg-shaped configuration means that each turn of the oval is distinctly different, even requiring a different line in 1/2 versus 3/4.Wide open, allowing clean side by side racing, this track is a favorite among drivers and fans alike.
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