Broke Down

I just had to write this as a former Rfactor 2 holdout. I tried Rfactor2/Rfactor1 demo's a couple months ago, after I had already bought Assetto Corsa, Live For Speed, GT Legends ,Race 07/ plus add on's, GTR2, Richard Burns Rally/2014, Dirt 3, and still was not really impressed either one at the time. Last month I bought GSC 2013/ Extreme which really perked my interest in tweaking the FFB on all the sims but especially the Rfactor engine. Trying again, I downloaded the CR6 demo at Lime Rock and wanted my other sims to feel like that, so I adjusted all the other sims to feel closer to Rfactor2 demo. I got the others close to the FFB and feel of the CR6 Demo and was satisfied with my favorite sims being AC, GSC Extreme, GTR2, RBR, Dirt 3 and then GT legends in that order at that time. I eventually deleted Race 07 because it felt too controlled. Yesterday, I downloaded the Civic Demo and absolutely felt connected to the road and couldn't stop playing it, even with all the other sims(did play BF4 and Titanfall). So, I bought it and have to say, I wish I would have known then, what I know now. Now, it's Rfactor2, AC, GSC Extreme, RBR2014 and still like Dirt 3. I think I wasted my money on some of the others. I'm probably going to delete LFS and GTR2 because they will never be played. I hope anyone reading this might be convinced to buy it, it's that good.


All the gear, no idea...
I had the exact same experience, beginning of the year finally bought a wheel, bought every sim out there then realised none of them even come close to the "feel" and as you mentioned the connection to car/road of rfactor 2. virtua_lm mid ohio track and wsgt megane mod are a brilliant combo to try out, i'm also loving the paid for mod by URD (EGT).
Yeah Marc, I bought the URD(EGT) mod today based on your recommendation and other peoples opinion, giving high praises for the feel of their cars. I would say my opinion agrees with Darin Gangy's review from Inside Sim Racing, that they feel similar to AC as far as grip and type of cars. I really enjoy the difficulty of ISI base cars and the karts.
Yeah I picked it up after the Karts were released. Very impressed with the physics and FFB. And now with a little tweaking the graphics are pretty good now too.