First time i come to watch broadcast...

and all cars are too loud lol... this issue still not fixed man !! its unreal..

About 2 - 3 cars out there are like massive volume.. i cnat even hear ivan !
Apologies for all issues. We tried to fix the problem and my understanding was that heading into the race the settings were fine.
its not a broadcast issue.. its something to do with the sound files.. every now and again you get a car that is massivley loud lol
Yea its the car that joins the server first.. Really bugs me I cant drive with it around I need to hear my own
If that is really the problem we just need to make Director join server first....he puts a password joins and then changes for the one the drivers got. If thats the problem this is a easy fix
yea it could be right Martin! Last race I noticed a really loud low revving car in the garage each time I crossed the line. It was annoying. I would like to ask the commentators and all who are parking their car in the garage to put in the 1st and stall the car when they watch and commentate the race ;)


Quick question guys, newbie here!

I want to watch the race today, i need to download a piece of software to watch it right?
Do I also need to pay just to watch???
You need Microsoft Silverlight, although there's also the Windows Media Player option (which should be installed on your PC by default).

For watching you pay 5€ the minute.
Lol no, you don't.

We might still have the freezing issues for the WT broadcast unfortunately btw.


Cool as, nothings playing atm though right?
Im in NZ, quite a substancial time difference, race starts in 20mins?
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