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BRKart 1.10

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Mtommi Tam, Mar 17, 2010.

  1. Mtommi Tam

    Mtommi Tam

    All from this link:

    BRKart MOD 1.1

    By BRDev - Brazil Developments MOD TEAM - www.brdev.com.br
    Created by:
    Adriano Augusto & Marcelo Pereira

    Made by:
    physic: Adriano Augusto (BRDEV), Gil Fraser, Marcelo Pereira (BRDEV)
    AI, shadows and upgrades: Gil Fraiser
    helmet model, 3d adjusts: Murilo Zimmer (BRDEV)
    helmet template, Bodywork template: Fabio Pittol (BRDEV)
    helmet paints: Adriano Augusto, Danilo Cechin
    driver model: Adriano Augusto, based in Deadeyesky/Luciano Armarolli models *.
    bodywork paints, Driver paints, Bodywork model, Engine model, Chassis paints: Adriano Augusto
    Chassis template, lods, shadders, driver movies, driver adjusts, transmission models and textures, a lot of adjusts and fixes: Marcelo Pereira
    Chassis model: Adriano Augusto, Marcelo Pereira
    Tires model and Tires textures: Adriano Augusto, Marcelo Pereira, based in Mati model and Jim Cassi textures **
    Sounds adjusts: Paulo Kareka(RFBrasil) ***
    Sounds Equalization: Sergio Villarim (BRDEV)

    * actual driver use 3d models created by Deadeyesky/Luciano Armarolli to reference.
    ** Mati and Jim Cassi gave us permission to use and modify our 3d tire models
    *** Jim cassi gave us permission to use the same sounds of World Kart mod.

    thanks to:
    A. Moraes, Adam Kolesar, Alessandro Monteiro, André Bragantini Jr, Andreas, Andrew turner, Arron Maspero, Brian Heiland, Carlos Marin, Cassius Schleier, Chris Scow, Christopher Naser, Cristian Montagnoli, Damian Bis, Daniel Gomes, Danilo Cechin, Dennis Griesbaum, Devotid, Eduardo Tomedi, Evandro Lima, Everton Quites, Fabio Pittol, Frank hermann, Gil Fraser, Madcowie, Henri Tiben, Jietse Melotte, Jim Cassi, João Carlos Nóbrega, João Vasconcelos, Jorge Abujamra, kendo, Leandro Schmidt, Luciano Armarolli, Luis Azinheira, Marc Chapelle, Marcelo Melo, Marcelo Pinto, Marco Figueiredo, Marcos Gomes, Mati, Murilo Zimmer, Nanno Vander Poel, Nathan Ritchie, navalhawkeye, Nelson stanisci netto, Ney Candido, Normak, Pardal, Paulo Kareka, Pete Walsh, Rafael Munhoz, Renan Cattucci, Renato Simioni, Ricardo Faria, Ronald Paloshi, Samuel Moretto, Sergio Guaraldo, Stefan Rzadzinski, Thiago Moya, Vance Le Garde, Yanden, Zac mahoney, Will Marsh, Willen, all rFactor Brasil community, all race sim central community, ISI, rFactorcentral, ORW Community. Have we forgoten someone?
    What's new:
    - new 200cc class (using 125cc engines of 1.0 version);
    - 125cc class now with 100cc engines of 1.0 version;
    - new engines to 100cc class;
    - a lot of new kart brands;
    - new tire brands;
    - new indoor tires (just for 100cc and 125cc class);
    - dechatable and deformable kart parts;
    - new hud;
    - talent for AI drivers;
    - updated skins of PCR, Arrow, TonyKart and Intrepid (old skins available too).
    - new gears files.
    3 classes, 100cc (Green number plates), 125cc (Yellow number plates), 200cc(red number plates;

    46 different 100cc karts:
    (Arrow, Azurro, Biesse, Birel, BlackBirds, BRDEV, CRG, Delta, Dino, EKS, Energy, Gillard, haase, Intrepid, Italkart, Kartmini, Kosmic, Lenzokart, Macrofertil, Maranello, Margay, Mari, MBA, MegaKart, MetalMoro, Monaco, MSKart, NJR, NMK, Petrobrás, Phoenix, PKT, RedBull, Repsol, SeijoKart, Soji, Swiss Hutless, TKM, TonyKart, TopKart, TrackMagic, Veloce, Vodafone, VRK, Webmotors, Zanardi);

    66 different 125cc karts:
    (7Kart, Arrow, Azurro, Biesse, Birel, CRG, Dino, EKS, Gillard, GP, Intrepid, Italkart, Kartmini, Kosmic, Kosmos, Lenzokart, Maranello,
    Margay, MBA, MegaKart, NJR, PCR, Phoenix, SeijoKart, Soji, Swiss Hutless, TibiKart, TKM, TonyKart, TopKart, VRK, Zanardi);

    30 different 200cc karts:
    (7Kart, Birel, BRDEV, CRG, DeltaMari, Dupont, Energy, Haase, Intrepid, KartMini, Kosmos, MetalMoro, Monaco, MSKart, NMK, PCR, PKT, TonyKart, TrackMagic);

    2 different 100cc engines: Parilla and Vortex;
    4 different 125cc engines: Italsistem, Parilla, PCR, Vortex;
    4 different 125cc engines: Honda, Huqsvarna, Kawasaki, Yamaha;

    Any engine have different values of torque, power, compression, durability and maximum RPM.

    6 different Tire Brands:

    - Bridgestone - 3 compounds (YKC, YKB, YKA);
    - Dunlop - 3 compounds (DBM, DBS, DBW);
    - Hoosier - 3 compounds (A50, A40, A30);
    - Maxxis - 3 compounds (HG1, HG3, HT4);
    - MG - 3 compounds (AZ, FZ, KZ);
    - Mojo - 2 compounds (D1, D2);

    2 different Indoor Tire Brands:

    - Gold Indoor - 2 compounds (Cool, Hot);
    - Vega Indoor - 2 compounds (H1, S1);

    Any compound of any tire brand have individual values of grip, wear, optimal pressure and optimal temp.

    Indoor tires have less grip than others. Indoor tires have one ring painted on sides of tire, to be easilly identified.
    You need have 1.0 version of BRKart mod previouslly installed before install 1.1 upgrade.
    To install 1.0 version and/or 1.1 upgrade, just unpack folders contained into rar files into your rfactor folder. Click "yes to all" to overwrite.
    Don't worry, It will not orverwrite any rfactor files.
    To uninstall:
    - into your rFactor rFm folder, delete all 3 BRKart files.
    - into your GameData/sounds file, delete BRKart folder.
    - into your GameData/Vehicles folder, delete BRKart folder.
    - into your GameData/Talent folder, delete BRKart folder.

    ...but we hope that you won't do it.
    Steering wheel configuration:

    We use a mixed configuration with MSFF: Realfeel + Leo FFB

    Realfeel settings:



    LeoFFB settings:

    24.0 Front Wheel lock angle, degrees (max deflection to one side from straight on)
    0.52 Front wheel distance to centerline (half the front wheel track) in metres, from .pm file
    0.54 Front axle distance to body reference point (about half the wheel base) in metres, from .pm file
    4.5 Relative strength of FFB effects
    0.5 Aligning moment curve shape / feeling of tyre losing grip. Lower numbers are duller, range 1.0 .. 10
    0.85 Negative aligning moment parameter for high slip angles, range 0.0 ... 1.0
    16.0 Slip angle where aligning moment reverses direction - typically between 8 and 15 degrees
    0.0 Caster (dimetionless)
    0.0 Camber ratio (not degrees!)
    0.1 Road bumps feeling on the wheel
    11500.0 maximum FFB force for stationary and low speed effects
    4.5 stiffness of stationary wheels
    1.5 wheel rubber hardness (1..5)
    8.0 how quickly static forces drop off when rolling

  2. Anders Madsen

    Anders Madsen

    edit nevermind lol
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