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David Garcia

Hello guys,

this is the briefing for the last race of the seasson Blue Cup 2010. I will go straight to the only points I conider important at Le Mans.

1.- QUALYFING - Inlap is not mandatory at this circuit due to circuit lenght.

2.- FORMATION LAP - At this circcuit a formation lap can be very long so Safety Car will stay leading the group until Mulsane Corner. From that corner on we will consider the race green if the group and formation grants a clean start. DON´T accelerate before passing through Mulsane. Watch the map below:

3.- INCIDENTS - Again, due to track dimensions if you suffer some damage on your vehicle and it takes the whole lap going back to pit, take care and GRANT the others free way. Lap can be very long with several damage on your car, take it easy.

4.- WEATHER - Same as point Ner 4 if it rains and you are on the wrong tyres and need to get on pit again. Make sure you do it in a safe way.

I wish everybody have a clean and incident free final race and best of luck. :)

I will open a end of the seasson thread only to be answered by the team spokesmen, once the seasson is over please feel free to answer it in the name of your teammates. Find it HERE.

Thanks all for reading.
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