BRIEFING - DONINGTON PARK - READ ALL (...and when I say all I mean all!) XD

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David Garcia

Hello guys,

Donington is diferent from Trois Rivieres, because it is not an street track, this is the main diference. :cool: There are 3 important points you will have to look at carefully to grant 2 things:

1.- You survive the race
2.- The others survive the race aswell.

These are the 3 things you have to take care of:
1.- PIT IN: The pit in is very close to the last corner and in the oposite side of the driving line so the cars pitting in will be slower than the cars not pitting in. If you drive close to another car take care and be aware of it. If you plan to pit in, keep close to the apex of the corner and keep a shorter line to grant the car behind have a clean and crash free line.

2.- PIT OUT: The pit lane ends exactly in the breaking point (more or less) of the first corner, so if you are pitting out, BE CAREFULL. It is always the pitting out´s car responsability to rejoin the race in safe conditions to grant the others passing the first corner in good health and without suspension damage or whatever.

3.- CHICKEN!!!! OK, take care at this point because the new curbs are freakin awesome and going over that beasts can mean the end of the race to you guys, I have seen some cars flying over the Donington Park limits and landing into a potatoes field out there.

That is all! Thanks for reading.

P.D.: Remember, walls are not your friends. Not even the tyre walls.

Lucas Degen

Thanks for this, the new curbs are actually ("actually" used by Vettel four times in every interview ;) really nice because of the yellow color it's better to focus on it. You can not cut anymore. Got some stop and go penalty there in former races.

What I do where being lapped: I hit the lights, so the car behind can see, I stopped him in my mirror.

Let's have a fair race all.

And please visit: and the Save Donington Facebook.
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