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BRIEFING - Bahrain - READ ALL !!!

Discussion in 'Simracing Team Challenge' started by David Garcia, Oct 27, 2010.

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  1. David Garcia

    David Garcia


    Hello guys,

    this will be the first race of the seasson in a street circuit, so please read carefully next briefing and if you have any question make a post in the thread in order to get an answer.

    1.- BRAKES
    Remember the Doran brakes will not work 100% of his performance on the first lap/s. TAKE IT EASY and don´t risk the whole race because of it.

    Remember you have to place your team allocations in the STC Main Site. If you don´t do it you will lose the right to set a qualyfication time in the race.

    3.- TEAM SPEAK
    Team Speak is mandatory, and a driver not on team speak without a justification couldn´t be allowed to join the event.

    4.- CHAT
    Chat is forbiden during all the event, but you have to keep it enabled and visible in car to read Race Control Messages. **


    Formation lap will be done in a pace around 90 kmts/h.

    It is really important you keep a constant distance with the car infront and the car behind, so no brake or acceleration test will be done.

    A.- It will be a single file rolling start.

    B.- Stay quiet until you read on chat "STARTING WARM UP LAP", then Safety car will turn lights on and the lap will start. A car will start moving after the car infront start the lap, and never before.

    C.- When starting the formation lap, remember you will loose a position with the safety car, so take care of being in your position and always take care of knowing what car you have to follow.

    D.- The complete lap will be done in the same pace. Some messages will be seen in chat saying "Keep your pace & formation". DO IT!

    E.- IMPORTANT FOR POLE SEATER Even with the safety car on track, it will be the leader of the group responsability to have a constant pace, so if the Safety Car accelerates going back to pit, the leader of the group have to keep a 90 kmts/h speed. As seen in previous races, Safety Car can be disconected so it is important leaders knows his role in the formation lap.

    F.- Then when reaching the start/finish line Race Control will give Green Flag or Red Flag via chat, depending if the formation of the group is correct or if there where incidents in the formation lap. GREEN FLAG MESSAGE CAN BE SHOWN BEFORE LAST CORNER OR 2 METERS BEFORE THE START/FINISH LINE, JUST WHERE RACE DIRECTION FEELS IT IS BETTER. YOU HAVE TO KEEP THE 90 KMTS/H PACE SINCE THEN.

    G.- No overtaking will be done before crosing the start finish line, even if the Green Flag is shown.

    H.- With the GREEN FLAG message from race direction you have to start accelerating and racing in race pace even if you can´t overtake before the start/finish line.

    6.- ESCAPE KEY
    Remember you can press ESC key, but never with traffic or in the racing surface. Be sure you are completely alone when hitting ESC.

    7.- SUPER POLE
    In Super Pole mode Qualifying, you have to complete the Out Lap, Qualy Lap and In Lap.

    Respect the speed limit at pit lane in all sessions.
    Remember, in order to avoid problems, to call your pit crew before entering pits during the race.

    9.- WEATHER
    Remember to check the weather forectas on website (...it is already updated...) to have a close idea of how it will be in the future event. But the most important, check the session info into the sim or in the Pit Wall to take a direct look to the tarmac and know exactly in what conditions it is.

    10.- TYRES & ENGINE
    Remember we have 4 diferent compunds this seasson, Hard, Soft and Super Soft. Remember aswell the engine file was updated in the version 3.0 of the MOD and it is more sensible to agressive downshifting.

    11.- BRAKES
    Remember the Doran brakes are not an F1 brakes and specially when they are cold it is dificult to stop the car in the correct place, so TAKE IT EASY ON THE FIRST LAPS as you can have a bad accident because of that.

    Remember: Whatever happen on track you don´t have to wait for another driver, it can only bring more risk and more incidents. No chat will be allowed, and neither in this case, just wait for the end of the race and then make the incident report.

    At the end of the race, on next day you can make an official Incident Report in the STC Main Site. Remember you have to grant a video with the incident. Remember aswell ALL THE TEAM SPOKESMAN HAVE TO VOTE in the Incident Investigation thread at the WAR Forum.

  2. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    i read that teamspeak is mandatory, i don,t have it, i have no clue how it works and it will be on mute anyway as any other sound then the car sound distract me to the point i can't be on track driving so is it ok if i don,t have it ?
  3. Andreas Hultgren

    Andreas Hultgren

    The thing is that if race controll want to get in contact with you (if something happens for example) then it is an easy and quick way to get info and so on. And, you could as you say, have it on mute if you want. In game chat is not allowed!

    Dowloadlink: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads& (client)

    When you have installed go to RD's main page and click on the top line in their TS3 window (click RaceDepartment.com). Then open it with teamspeak and you will be there ;) RD password can be found where all RD passwords can be found and the STC password is the same as the race server ;)
  4. David Garcia

    David Garcia

    It is mandatory Yves. As Andreas said, comunication is quick this way.
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