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BREAKING | Fernando Alonso Hospitalised in Bike Accident

Ryan Soucy

He was 35? OMG. He was amazing. :cry:

Sure, he was a one-time champ with less than 10 wins, I think. But he represented America well. The tributes from the MotoGP community when he died were really complimentary and touching, especially from former teammates of his. Says a lot that Dorna retired his number, they didn't have to do that.
considering how risky cycling on the road is and how much money is invested in the drivers and other top athletes, how do so may road accidents happen with sports stars in this way jeopardising their careers?
Yeah I was kind of wondering the same.
I mean... why teams don't have more strict contracts to not let drivers do some extreme (ok cycling perhaps doesn't seems quite extreme but now looking at it...) sports that can cause injuries that can make them miss some of the races, even end their careers and the worst - their lives. :unsure:
During the years we saw so many injuries on motocross and lately even bicycles.
Really, does any of them have any clauses in their contracts I wonder !?? :cautious:


Where would you draw the line, though? What would be considered too dangerous? I had a friend who slipped down the stairs in their home just before Christmas and died - head trauma > coma > never woke up.

Do you make all drivers live in single-story houses?
Sorry about your friend. What a horrible way to go... :unsure:
I just thought... since these are the professional athletes... dunno... maybe they should be more responsible toward their own health, career, teams, fans, sponsors...
I don't know... maybe it's just me. The other side can always say "oh for gods sake let people live, we're not all robots here" but, you know...