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Brands Hatch Indy 1 hour Race...?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by mcwood, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. mcwood


    Hi~ all

    I got Need for Speed shift DVD in here yesterday...tried install..failed..um.

    Anyway, I have question about Radical SR4 252 1hr racing in
    Brands Hatch Indy....this sunday. here.
    Of course, I mean Race 07...Steam.

    I have tried Bram's settup first...it was really impressive
    steering lock(38degree)..and softer front suspension than rear,
    relativelly hard Anti-roll bar with front and rear...etc.

    and also tried Simbin's default settup for Brands Hatch Indy,

    In my case,
    I got faster lap time(46'') than with Bram's Settup(48")
    I aware that there are big difference between me and Bram's settup

    It means...I'm a novice and can't understand Bram's Settup at all.
    So, sorry Mr. Bram...:disapointed:

    How can i manage 1hour race in Brands Hatch Indy ?
    I have checked Telemetry and found, I use about 1 liter per 1 Lap,
    so it means during 1hr race, I will make almost 80Laps include
    1 pit-in(it's forced rule)..but I think no need to refuel tank.

    rather than..change 4 tyres....or something else...

    And also in our race, the weather is changeable.
    also grip is important, but in this case little bit abnormal..
    even in Damp situation, the grip is almost same with dry??:shock:

    I have no idea..how to manage 1 hrs race in Brands Hatch Indy..
    This sunday with Club racing league.

    Please give some experience and Tip like..information.

    Thank you very much.
  2. mcwood


    And addtionally..

    How can i check the possibility of Rain ?

    In case of Modded Track like Dijon, I checked .GDB file with notepad.
    But in case of this, Brands Hatch Indy official Track included in Race07.

    I can't see the .ini style GDB files, all the file is encoded
    How can i check the possibility of Rain or HeavyRain ?

    Is it possible?
  3. Nigel Atkins

    Nigel Atkins

    your not on your own m8, i cant drive Brams setups either.

    but it doesnt mean your a bad driver, just that we have different driving styles :)
  4. mcwood


    Thanks for your relpy...Mr.Nigel

    Actually, I tried to make my own settup from Default set.
    and now i have 44" Lap time in Brands Hatch Indy...but
    other member of my Clubs faster than me about 1.4"

    In his YouTube,
    I found, he has more higher Rideheight than me ,no sparks than me.
    and he may have more stiff springs than me. (his Lap is around 43")

    (What do you see..makes difference 43"/44"7 ??)

    I think, in this track , Grip is the most important coz
    ..have to take middle and slow speed corner with max speed.
    and i found tyre pressure has relations with Temps and Grip here.
    so, I got it around 146~154Kpa each, it's better than before.
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