Brands Hatch Help please BMW!!!


Tim Ross

Heeelp! Right i'm loading the standard file setup for Brands and then changing downforce on the beamer for the rear to +5 to start with.

My questions is, i've been trying to find a happy medium with the break bias as have been driving the Honda Accords for a while now obviously easier being as it's FWD for powering out of corners and seems to be a lot more stable.

I've tried to move to the BMW and am struggling with breaking for the corners with them being RWD obviously. Whats the best break bias setting as i've got it at nearly 78 which has got to be too high surely?

Chris Noble

With the BMW, I have found you can move the brake bias back a fair bit.

i.e 55/45 (I do this in my Honda anyway, due to my setup)

The main thing is to keep the revs on the gear change, i.e blipping the throttle to prevent the rear wheels locking under heavy braking. It is only if the rears lock that you go round in the BMW under braking I found.

Also setupwise and drvingwise you have to do the opposite in the BMW to what you do in the Honda, but it can go very quick the BMW. very nice car to drive.

STCC will add the sequencial BMW's with the 6 gears which will be interesting to drive!

Tim Ross


Thanks for that, ahh right so i dont have to have it so high just to stop the problems with the breaking zone. I had a race against a friend and walloped him in the honda but when it came to the BMW I really was all over the shop.... fair enough..

One thing though i always keep the revs high and usually use the gears to slow me down into corners. Are you saying i need to break and change down at the same time or break whilst applying some revs?

Also the BMW didnt seem to have the legs compared to the Honda as well so is it just adjusting the torque curve for the 5th gear that'll give the extra speed?