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  1. Richie Hill

    Richie Hill

    Hi guys,

    I am going to be editing the breaking points for all tracks over the next week.

    Here is a list of corners already picked out as needing to be more competitive under breaking.

    What I want to know is if any, which corners would you tweak the breaking point for and how far off is it.

    Corner # to
    Malaysia 4,9,12,15
    Silverstone 3,16
    Italy 1,4,8
    Abu Dhabi 8, 11
  2. f1mn


    For Sepang, Malaysia:
    • T4: I brake at about the 100m board in quali, a bit earlier in the race. Take in 2nd gear to get good drive of the corner.
    • T9: Again, 100 m board. Can turn in late and get a straighter run off the corner.
  3. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    Founder Staff Premium

    Brakingpoints/markers are different for every individual imo. What are you going to change?
  4. Richie Hill

    Richie Hill

    I am editing braking points on individual corners where the ai are weak under breaking. About 3/4 of the way through, with such a headache.

    I will list which corners have been tweaked when I release.

    The ai are now more competitive on the brakes in a lot of corners I have worked on.....without missing the apex
  5. Kristian Nenov

    Kristian Nenov

    Well, at least someone else has started working on this now. It looks like this year I won't release any mods. :D
  6. wabbithunta


    I have a problem. I'm racing in Career Mode: Current race is Monza and Practice is laughable to be honest. I can sit in the pits and watch the track data and see the cars stacking up at the Variante Della Roggia, after the Curva Grande.

    For the benefit of those who don't know the name it's the chicane at the start of Sector 2 just past the bridge after the long fast right hand bend.

    They all come off the track there and wipe out in the gravel and spin back or reverse onto the track into the paths of oncoming traffic. I've noticed that it's when there's more than one car.. ie they are racing each other or are in a line going through the chicane.
    Single cars appear to get through OK though.

    I've got your Mod and I've got no opposition at Monza as a result of the above incidents.
    [amusing to watch the AI stuff all the cars at the same spot too] :)

    There's about 8 cars left in the practice session and I've also been shunted as cars spun off as I've gone through. This just happened to me a little while ago too. So I've restarted the session and it's happened again!

    I've "Red Flagged" the race... for now. I'll attempt it again after I hear back from you.. hopefully soon.

    I have a few other mods added so I'm wondering if there's a conflict somewhere that's causing this to happen or is it the AI?

    I've followed the instructions for each mod as some are related.. ie work together and have only used the files needed and also as some people have suggested this as well in another thread too.

    List of Mods I've added:

    Competitive Braking Mod V1
    F1 2012 Realistic_Damage v30_by_Cromiell
    Safety Car Fix Mod RC1
  7. wabbithunta


    Variante Della Roggia
    Braking Point problem

    Sorry but I've not got any video capture software so I replayed the start of the race and took screenshots. I was about 9th and went through in first
    The race went from 24 to 14 cars on the first lap. The race was "Red Flagged" and on the restart.. it went down to 9 cars.. lost my front wing and left front puncture as I got clobbered by debris
    This happens every time and I end up being the only car left on the track as the AI follows the same line through this chicane.

    So for now I've stopped and may even restore the original braking points for Monza. I didn't have any problems at Spa. No mass pile ups, even at the hairpin at the start.. all the cars got through that OK as they were going a lot slower.
    This chicane, however is way faster and the braking point, or the AI car speeds, or both(?) cause this to happen every time in Practice, Qualy and also in the Race too.



  8. driveroz247


    It was a known issue with V1. Competitive Braking mod V2 should fix this problem (at least it did for me).
  9. wabbithunta


    I'm assuming this is the mod you are referring to

    I've downloaded this and added the file to Monza and it seems to be working.
    Ended the race with only 16 cars. Two big shunts in the race, and one "minor" one

    [See image below]

    Monza F1 2012 career race brakepoint crashes.jpg
    All of these braking points are fast entry, braking at the 200 mark got me through ok. Although I think the brakes are a separate issue, I've posted a thread about requesting a Mod for brake selection size: ie Small, Standard and Large.

    Braking point crashes - or just "bad luck"(!?)
    Lap 1: Red Flag
    Cars overshot and caused a 6 car pile up. End result was four cars out of the race and a restart with some top start cars at the rear of the grid and myself in the midfield in 9th.

    Lap 17: Yellow Flag
    4 cars overshot the turn on the way in, lucky not to get hit on the way following behind and driving through. 2 cars back to the pits for new wings etc and two others out.

    Lap 38: Yellow Flag
    3 cars off in the gravel/track, me included. Raining at this point of the race and on dry tires. Went in to the pits to change tires and new wing - was on the way in to do a pit stop to change tires anyway!

    4 other cars retired due to unknown issues.

    No Safety Car out in the race
    Far better race from the point of view of the braking point issue in comparison to my previous attempt using the previous Braking Point Mod. No mass wipeouts etc and fourteen cars finished.
    So I'm assuming that the mod in the link above, I used it for this race, is far better as there were no mass wipeouts!
    I'm also using other mods that will cause cars to retire etc. Odd thing is on the mini map you could see cars stuck and there was no safety car out at any time in this race.
    I finished in 1st so it was lucky for me that the other cars, McLaren and Ferrari included, were out in incidents or had failures etc or I think I'd have been a top 6 finish if I was lucky as my engine was showing a nice shade of "orange" and looking at it after the race in the pit screen it was showing as 85%! That explains why I was dropping time like crazy as Button and Schumacher were posting fast laps and gaining on me all the time.
  10. driveroz247


    Ah, now I understand the confusion. I'm talking about the mod made by the author of this thread:

    Also, with the SC coming out, cars will need to retire with damage and be stuck on the track for the SC to deploy. If cars crash out and retire off the track, or if cars crash on the track, then drive off to a safe area on the grass off the track to retire, then no SC will deploy because it the damaged car is not on the track. Also, if the AI cars have mechanical issues during the race and drive off the track and park the car on the side of the track, also no SC will deploy, because the driver has taken his car off the track and parked it safetly of the track.

    I hope this clears up the confusion for you and makes sense.
  11. wabbithunta


    Hi Driver..
    Thanks for your response but this isn't what happened at all.

    No safety car came out when the cars were stuck on the track. No cars on the side of the track "parked up" either. Some where still stuck half on the rumble strips and in the gravel as we raced past on the next lap and then they were gone.. it was like watching little lights going out one by one as the AI removed them later. Although ones that "failed"went out right away, but the ones that crashed seemed to stay put for more than a lap.
    I can understand it if they crashed out and then AI removes them after a set period but that wasn't happening at all as the damage to the cars was on the track too. Maybe it was just a glitch, anyway I won't be racing on that track again until the next season as I'm using the Competitive Braking MOD in Career Mode only.
    In reality there should've been a safety car out, all that happened was yellow flag conditions were applied at the time of the accidents and then green flags when out of the section of track that was affected.

    Just found it odd that's all because in an actual race the cars would've posed a danger to the remaining cars in the race and a Safety Car definitely would've been needed.

    I've downloaded the link you posted in your reply and will see how that works in comparison to the earlier version as I couldn't find this mod on the list. That'll have to wait until next season as I have the Braking Mod in Career Mode only.

    Will be posting a new thread about another issue later on after I complete my next race - I'm racing at Singapore, in Practice mode at present.

    Thanks again for your help Driver. Posting that link was a help as I didn't see it when searching the Mod's Download section
  12. driveroz247


    wabbithunta, that does sound like a glitch, especially the way you said the cars were staying for a lap then disappeaing one by one. I've never seen that happen in the game.

    But I do have a couple of questions:
    Was it before lap 4 that this happened?
    Are you using the database from the SC mod or the realism mod, or the original database?

    Finally, I take no responsibility for Monza, as that is one of the 9 tracks that I did not mod. One of the other mod partners did Monza. However, I have tested and played with it, and Monza as far as I can see works just like all the other tracks.:thumbsup: