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    Massive amount of changes in this new version of our 1966 Brianza. Check out the massive changelog below while you Download the 270 MB file.
    (Or download/install via the rF2 Launcher)

    Added Junior layout
    Implemented latest RealRoad shader
    Applied RealRoad to curb materials
    Cleaned up road textures and replaced detail maps
    Improved concrete detail map texture set (pitlane, banking)
    Improved road wet masks
    Reconformed painted stripes and enhanced textures and material
    Fixed minor terrain gap
    Implemented new terrain shader
    Remapped terrain for new terrain shader
    Terrain Radiosity pass + manual pass
    Reverted all MIP Map bias to default
    Optimized road and terrain objects for smoother performance
    Optimized fence textures and materials
    Optimized billboard vegetation for better and smoother performance
    Fixed transparent tree issue at banking T1
    Improved and conformed vegetation texture set
    Fixed tree and treeline mapping glitches
    Reduced flickering vegetation
    Applied subtle random vertex colours to vegetation
    Slightly enhanced billboard crowd textures
    Optimized Armco and fences for smoother performance
    Enhanced stone wall normal map
    Improved see-through glass textures and materials
    Optimized buildings for better and smoother performance
    Optimized grandstands for better and smoother performance
    Made pit exit lights functional
    Fixed score tower logo mapping
    Added marshals in banking score towers
    Optimized sponsor signs
    Optimized trackside light objects
    Slightly improved marshal textures
    Enhanced and optimized trackside vehicles textures and materials
    Optimized LOD and shadow distances on all objects for better performance
    Removed virtually all object popups
    Repopulated all reflection maps after optimization pass
    Tweaked fog values
    Removed HDR Profiles
    Updated TDF to latest set of values
    New loading screens
    Added Test Team RRBINs
    Updated GDB, includes better movable object reactions
    Updated AIWs
    New and updated CAMs


    Banking. Cahier Archive

    In the forests near Brianza, Italy, sits the Brianza race track: Historic and filled with the ghosts of a racing past, the circuit is incredibly dangerous, and with multiple high-speed sections, any mistake could lead to a big accident.

    The circuit includes a junior road course at 1.49 miles, GP road course at 3.57 miles, and a road course comprising the oval, commonly known as the 10km layout, at 6.2 miles.


    Start. Cahier Archive

    The Autodromo Massimo Angiolucci track, located in Brianza, Italy, has hosted Grand Prix racing since it’s very beginning. Originally constructed in the 1920’s, the circuit has gone through various stages of reconstruction, mainly motivated by safety concerns, leading us to the still very dangerous 1966 Brianza seen in rFactor2.


    Autodromo Massimo Angiolucci has three configurations.

    10k Roadcourse – 6.21 mile roadcourse
    The 10k roadcourse includes both the oval (rounded clockwise) and the roadcourse. Coming out of Parabolica you stay right to join the oval inside turn 1. Coming off the oval you stay left to enter Curva Grande on the roadcourse.

    Roadcourse – 3.57 mile roadcourse
    The roadcourse includes a number of important right hand turns and no real left hand turns. Prioritize corner exits to get better laptimes on the long straights that follow them.

    Junior Roadcourse – 1.49 mile roadcourse
    Turning right after the pit complex and heading into the trees, you loop around behind the pits and rejoin the main circuit near Ascari.


    [​IMG]A lap begins with a run from the start/finish line down the Rettifilo (straightaway) towards Curva Grande, a very fast right-hand turn. In most cars of the period you will need to slow a little, using the brakes, dropping a gear before you launch yourself from the left or middle of the track and into the turn, being careful not to touch the inside of the race track at the apex. It is a wide turn, so most mistakes you might have the room to recover, but if you are on the limit you should be brushing the grass with your left wheels as you drift out of the turn towards the flat-out left-hand kink, Curva della Roggia.
    [​IMG]After flying through Curva della Roggia, get yourself over to the left side of the track and brake hard for the first of the two Curve di Lesmo. These turns can be taken faster than you think, but both are lined very closely with things that will slow you down. You should work to maximize your exit from the second turn, as that is followed by a fast section, but make sure you use all the race track (including the strip of asphalt beside the barrier on the exit of the first).
    [​IMG]Hopefully you got a good exit out of the Curve di Lesmo, and aren’t being eaten alive by the drivers behind you. You now have a very fast flat-out section, lined with fencing and trees, through the left kink Curva del Serraglio, under the bridge carrying the banking, round Curva del Violone (Ascari), and then down Rettifilo centro towards Curva Parabolica. The Parabolica has an opening-radius, and although fairly tight on entry, you can go faster through it the further you get around it, so brake hard, stay left, turn in and gently feed in the power almost immediately, taking care not to apply it too quickly and spin yourself into the barrier on the inside of the turn. Oh, and watch out for the armco on the left as you exit, it is very close to the exit, and it bites.
    [​IMG]After exiting Curva Parabolica you either move left to continue on the roadcourse, or stay right if you are racing on the 10km layout. By staying right, you will merge onto the terrifying concrete banking section and Curva Nord Alta Velocita. The banking itself is more difficult to drive when grip is low, and on a fresh track, or in a heavy car, you may have to lift to 80% throttle to keep it stable. Just be very careful as you exit the first banked turn, because at the very moment the banking begins to drop away, you will start to push out towards the barrier, and it almost feels like that barrier is trying to hit you…
    [​IMG]After screaming out of Curva Nord Alta Velocita and down the Anello di velocita, you will enter the second banked turn, Curva Sud Alta Velocita. This second turn doesn’t seem as hard to navigate as the first, and the exit seems to be a lot more spacious.
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