Sounds Bov sounds in Fmod


Jan 23, 2017
I have been trying different things to add bov sounds in a realistic manner.
Low boost different sounds then high boost etc but i am having some trouble with it.

Currently i add the bov .wav to the boost tab then i add a parameter bov 0.95 to 1.0.
For it to sound correctly i add a start offset automation on the bov sound with a 100 offset at 0 boost and 0 offset at 1.0 boost, adjusting the curve to suit the engine i am trying to replicate (this way the bov does not start when going half throttle and only sounds when going completely off throttle).
The last thing is a volume automation on the bov tab with the full volume at 1.0 and 0 volume at 0.
The above works good but it has 1 drawback, it keeps restarting the sound when you hit the rev limiter which sounds weird......
How do you guys add a good sounding bov sound, without the full sound starting at lower boost (which is unrealistic) or other weird quirks.



Jun 13, 2015
Try the bov parameter instead. It works good enough in cars that feature a bov threshold value in the physics (however most dont). You can then automate everything depending on boost levels, and even add different samples for low, mid, high pressures.


SHR Modding
Nov 2, 2014
Hi, please can you post screenshots of your setups?

Trying to make the bov sounds of the 488 gt3