Bought a used G27, wont calibrate after 1 hour of playing

I bought a used G27 some days ago, connected everything, installed the lgs_510 x64 Drivers for Windows 10 from the Logitech Website and everything worked fine until at some point the steering stopped working in Beam NG.

Now the Shift LEDS on the Wheel are on and on the Shifter the LED is flashing green in a steady rate.
The Pedals do work, aswell as all buttons on the steering wheel and on the Shifter.

I tried changing the USB Ports, (USB 2 and 3), checked all connections 1000 times, reinstalled the drivers after deleting everything with Logitech from the device manager and measured the connector of the power supply, it shows 23.8V

The owner said the Wheel is practicially brand new and it really looks brand new, no scratches, no wear on the leather, nothing, it even had the factory foil from 2011 on the wheel cap and the metal plate of the shifter.
On this forum, the guy has the exact same problem that i am facing.
But is it really possible that a almost unused wheel already has a broken optical sensor wheel?
There are two key issues with these wheels. The first is the rotary encoder. It's a plastic wheel with slots in it. Sometimes it cracks and spins. But sounds like yours might be the controller board, there is a guy on ebay that fixes those for like 79 bucks. I personally chose that as a good time to upgrade to fanatec. The general consensus that I have gotten from having 3 (G25, 2x g27) is that they are not built to last for ever. Some people get as little as 3 months others several years. I have been fortunate and gotten a lot of life out of mine. But I still have one sitting on the shelf behind me that is in need of the 80 dollar board fix but to me it's not worth it. I just bought fanatec csl and was a vast improvement (I am super competitive and I use iRacing to work on my real world race craft so it's a reasonable price point for my use. You may not agree and be fine with spending 80 to repair yours. IF it's a repair issue, I would suggest looking at other alternatives, starting with the g920 on amazon for 205 or something right now.