BoP (Restrictor and Ballast Settings) for RTR and other DLC

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    Wanted to know if anyone has experience and willing to share their restrictor or ballast settings to balance out some of the cars.

    Planning on pairing a few cars for a mixed class race this weekend, however it's been a bit of work so far.

    While we are limited in numbers of cars, it has been suggested by a few of us the following cars "may" make a good match up. However times and performance reflect otherwise, so we are going to use the Restrictor/ballast settings to optimize this.

    Here's the match up and perhaps if you have settings to share, I would very much appreciate it:
    Group A:
    BMW M235i Race
    Audi TT Cup

    Group B:
    Porsche Cayman ClubSport GT4
    Maserati GT4

    Group C:
    Audi TT VLN
    Porsche 911 Cup

    Group D:
    Mix of GT3 (undetermined at the moment, but these are examples)
    Nissan GTR GT3
    Porsche GT3 R
    Audi 2016 LMS
    Mercedes AMG GT3

    Once again appreciate any input. We would like to make these balanced as much as possible and have taken a look at both Ai times from Qualify in Race Weekend as a base determination. Would run in Qualify only with 2 types 6 cars each, then take lowest time and compare difference, then adjust. However since you can not make these adjustments in Race Weekend (PC at least) it's been hard to get a good base line.

    Also have taken into consideration the performance list that WallyM made in reference to Car Time ranking.
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