BMW Z4 GT3 @ Nürburgring GP


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I wanna beat the achievement "A taste of the Ring : Golden Glory"
and I can't do it with my setup.
I use 1/8 wings, a bit lower suspension and some lts of fuel off. My best time so far is 1.59.4 but I must get to low 1.58 or high 1.57 to get the gold achievement. That p4/5 is very hard to reach!!!

I'd be glad if you could share some setup ideas (or setups :D)!
I Agree with akisk, the first car had a 4 second lead on me by lap 4 the second time i gave the challenge a try. I tried small things like a bit less fuel, some small toe changes and just damping rates but doesn't help much.

I also found out but i'm not really sure on this, that the default setup needs to be used with medium compound tires. I found the car to be much more stable and less twichy with them and i was actually faster. And playing with a logitech rumblepad 2 deffinetely doesn't help.

We need your help :)


Guys try Imola setup posted on this forum. It helped me but I'm still nowhere near
breaking 2:00 at the "Taste of the Ring". Good luck.
1:58:628 with soft tyres, four hours of testing

Notes: a balanced car without any quirks; you have to lift the loud-pedal slightly just before turn-in of the Schumacher-S

Edit: link removed due to virus infection on the host site
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Done a 1:58.1 on medium tyres and 50l of fuel. Aero: 1/4 enables you to go flatout through the Schumacher-S. Rear springs on 65 and rear ARB to 4, this gives you a bit more control on the slow parts of the track. I go for 40/60 Diff settings. But that's a matter of taste.
Most important: drive smoothly. Aggressive driving doesn't gain you anything on this track.
WTF? it looks like a virus, why it's exe file and not ini?
woa just checked and removed the link. I guess the file got infected on the hosting server. I won't upload files to 3rd party hosting providers anymore, that's for sure.
Pls edit your post and remove the link, too @Bybukas.
I'll upload the file to RSR then as I get an error message trying to use the forum function for that (any tips to make it work?).
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Already tried exactly that numerous of times. I can't figure out what's wrong - disabled in firefox ghostery, enabled all scripts, cookies are allowed - just get a black overlay with "An error has occured".

mod-edit: seems to be a problem on your end as I could attach it with one click. All done :thumbsup:
Dude. thanks for this. Im pretty new to sim racing and I was having a hard time with the z4 at ngp. I didnt realize setups made such a difference. I need to learn the basics of car setups. Can you tell me what you changed in this setup. I downloaded your setup and did a quick lap to check out the car and I dropped a second off my current best time immediately. with some practice im sure i can get sub 2:00 ( i suck i know ). Are there any guides on setting up cars?

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Hi @Jok3sta , yes car setups have a major influence on speed, drivability and reliability while driving. In order to compare what I've changed, load the default setup, write those values down (or make a screenshot of every page in the setup screen) - afterwards load my setup and repeat.
For a first look at car setups, you can read my post here:

I'll edit, finalise and make a thread of this soon.
Thanks man. I'll check it out

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I´m no setup guru, but since you asked for it, here it is :)


  • z4 gt3.ini
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I don't know mate how you did it, i was recently going with my own setup which was not able to go below 1.59.9 anyhow, but if you did with yours (which i just tried) 1.56.7 then i must say you a hell of a smooth driver, because your setup is very very sensitive in the rear as there is no wing at all. However after 15min i am not yet able to go below 2.3 and in fact i am way slower with urs than i was able to go with mine...

[Edit] Actually when you switch to medium its not that bad :thumbsup:
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