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BMW Z4 - 3.0 CSL Tribute Skin

Skins BMW Z4 - 3.0 CSL Tribute Skin 1.2

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Travis Nordstrom submitted a new resource:

BMW Z4 - 3.0 CSL Tribute Skin - BMW Z4 livery that pays tribute to the 3.0 CSL

This is my attempt at recreating the Z4 tribute skin. For now, it only includes a clean version with just the main coloring and the number. I might add the logos to another version at a later date.

This is the first skin that I have made from scratch, so feedback is appreciated. I can provide the PSD file by request.

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Travis Nordstrom updated BMW Z4 - 3.0 CSL Tribute Skin with a new update entry:

Sponsor version and misc changes

Added a version with sponsors and fixed a minor error in the first version. Also tinted the glass on the headlights, windows, and taillights to various degrees. Now, the only major differences are the rear wing and the red on the windows. I could make the rear wing white but I won't be able to put the logo on it (at least I don't know a way currently).
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I might make a black version of this skin at a later date if I feel like it.

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