Sell BMW M4 DTM replica wheel


Selling my BMW M4 DTM wheel (designed and build it myself)

- Approx 320 mm wide
- 6mm CF CNC cut faceplate (extremely stiff wheel)
- 2mm CF CNC cut backplate (mainly for aesthetics)
- Martin Ascher CF shifters (fantastic snap action feeling :D )
- 10x NKK push buttons (Very good tactile feeling)
- Detachable coiled USB cable with screw terminal
- LeoBodnar uBBi controller board
- Fanatec formula rim alcantara handles
- Genuine BMW sticker (Made for BMW E30 touring steering wheel :) )
- Build for 50 mm inter-axis hole pattern (M5) quick release
- 3d printed enclosure
- 100 % metal connection between CF faceplate and QR (No plastic in structure)

Price: 475 euro (without Q1R)
Price: 550 euro (with Q1R)

Insured tracked shipping:
- To NL: 10 euros
- To Europe: 25 euros
- To US/Canada: 40 euros
- To NZ/Aus: 40 euros

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