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EU BMW M235i @ Nürburgring - Tues 05Dec17

Discussion in 'R3E Racing Club & Leagues' started by Ross Garland, Nov 27, 2017.

Added to Calendar: 05-12-17
  1. Yetch

    GooseCreature Premium

    Well, can't be a good night when the highlight was barrel rolling in practice but fun was had, even if I had a mixed evening to say the least.
    Qualified 8th in race 1, which is marvellous for me, even better I managed to finish 4th, ahead of the Big O, just; he did start from the back but a results a result.
    Race 2, disaster, found a parked car on the apex of turn 5, got battered to the outfield in the following melee and never recovered, tried but got eased off track again, over compensated, said Hi to all, as I careered back across the track, tagging someone (I know not who but apologies, I was most definitely out of control at that point) as I returned to track, which pushed me head on into the barriers at turn 6, continued to rotate but merely as an observer by then!
    Great fun as always chaps, look forward to the next!!
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