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Cars BMW E90 WTCC '06-'08 1.0

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Slow Motion

Jun 8, 2013

Unfortunately every time I try to upload here the rfcmp an error at the end of the upload occours.
So please refer to the ISI thread for downloading the new version 1.1:

Slow Motion submitted a new resource:

BMW E90 WTCC '06-'08 - BMW E90 WTCC '06-'08 Touring Car rFactor2

Here is the first public version 1.0 of the BMWE90 WTCC0608 for rFactor2.

Let me explain some more:
1. I want to call this version an "update to rFactor2" of the "evergreen" great mod made by Raceskinning.de starting by the 3D made by Thome and under his permission
2. My intention in managing it, was to let the essence of the mod itself, without changing the feeling in driving these cars, but at the same time improving and enhancing the features in those areas where rFactor2 uses its...
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Mar 28, 2009
I had to turn down caster a bit and up FFB, then it became great! Felt at home at once (STCC & WTCC in Race 07 is my starting point and i have really missed this kind of cars in RF2 so far).
I hope there will be more mods like this! Excellent!
Mar 14, 2011
Hi all, we had a blast of 2 events at LimeRock with these old but still great cars but they look really bad with dx11, can someone explain how to fix these skins to work with dx11 ? Any help would be nice, thx all.
in discord and 397 Forum i was told that: This should help https://www.studio-397.com/guidelines-for-artists/
Tried the instructions but i think its something deeper in the mod (shaders?) make them not shine at all, did test more level, alpha less or more and the artist hints, no chance so far.....

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