BMW 7 Series


Kyle Evers

My favorite series hands down. I'd get one for my first car if they weren't such gas guzzlers.

Ariff Roose

lol beauty IS back! kyle, try the 730d, in Malaysia we are still using Euro1 fuels and still manages 40.9mpg!

and my e23 bmw 728i was on the release of the 7series in feb!(malaysia)
:fwd2:took quite a long time..

Kyle Evers

Well I meant mainly the older models. I can't necessarily afford a newer model, as they are $40,000+. But I like the older 7 Series cars too, like the early 90's models and the late 80's models. When I said gas guzzlers, those were what I was referring to. They only get something like 14mpg and 19mpg highway.


Sep 23, 2008
It looks good. I've been in the BMW factory back in 2003 when the new 5 series was just ready, but not yet shown in car papers. Was kinda cool to see them fully already. Further there was a 6 series in development. Front of 7 clearly, but wird at the back. (Only the chassis, no plate work was shown yet).
But in fact it was all about the production of the new 5 series and 7 series... I asked the guide about that 5 series but he didn't want to tell much, except that it was a new one. Later with the 6er I named the 6-series, and then he called me 'papparazzi'. :D

But yeah 7series is far too expensive in this country. Road tax is abmormal and the price is dysmal.. €121.000 for the 730d High executive..