BMW 320 Gr5 @ Lime Rock - Sprint/Feature - Thu 15th July

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™

Servername: RD GTL Racing Club
Class: BMW 320 Gr5 mod
Track: Lime Rock Park / Lime Rock Mountain
Start Time: 19.00 GMT
Practice: 20 min
Qualification: 10 min (1 timed lap only)
Race: 2 x20 laps

Note1: Click here to read the password and golden rules!
Note2: 1 pit stop is mandatory in the Feature Race - minimum 2 tyres must be changed. Please read Warren's pit stop tutorial here for tips on a smooth and error free pit stop.
Note3: Default skins that come with the mod only

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Entry List
  • Stuart Thomson
  • Knut Omdal Tveito
  • Ross McGregor
  • Bob Hutchins
  • Roman Kruszewski
  • Abdul Ahmed
  • Senad Subasic
  • Carlos Diaz
  • Driver
  • Driver
  • Driver
  • Driver
  • Driver

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Yes mate, same one as the Cats last Friday :good:

Also - the Mountain track doesn't use the chicane, and I'm trying to keep things as similar as possible.

Chris Butcher

Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion
Just received GTL, sign me up please :)

I'm away tomorrow, so Can't attend the Cats meeting. Hope this doesn't jeapordise the possibilty of me getting a league seat

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
Consider yourself signed up for tonight.

And re: the Cats, no, of course it doesn't. :good:

It's not like you have to run every event to get a seat - I was talking about the JCL's who have never even had a go in the Cats, but suddenly want to get busy once the sign ups are opened.

You've been to several events, Academy club & RS / Superlight series. You're fine.

Stuart Thomson

The Stoat Without Fear ™
It's not in my list, is it just me?
Hmm - we've had this before where the name does something screwy and it doesn't show up.

I'll double check when I get home tonight and rename if needed. Practice offline for now. :good:

Keep an eye on this thread, and I'll post in here if I've taken it down and renamed/restarted it.

Tom Wilson

Hey Guys,, sorry but i'm gong to have to sign out of tonights event. Totally forgot i'd signed up and i'm currently heading up north for a funeral.

Things should settle next week so my attendance should improve.

Have Fun!

Carlos Diaz

Happily driving a "girly" car
I really like these Beemer's!!!

I'm waiting for Carlos we have some defending/attacking actions to continue!

Sign me in please!
Well here I am sir :thumb:

Sorry for the late sign up, but things are rocky around here lately and I can't sign up too far in advance anymore.
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