Are we going to be supporting this great game? Comes out at the end of the month. Have played the beta on 360 and it is an ABSOLUTE RIOT :D


Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
Is there or will there be a demo that you know of?

looks like Burnout/Carmagedon/Road Rash+++ - which is no bad thing :D
It's Mario Kart crossed with Burnout on steroids. It is genius :D - great to have a blast on after the seriousness of simracing.

There has been a multiplayer beta on 360 for the last month or so - it's switched off now.

I read there will not be a demo for PC. But details for the PC version are very scarce tbh.

Released 28th May in EU.

Dave Stephenson

RaceDepartment Technical Administrator
ive got a PS3 so ill watch out for a demo on there. G25 doesn't have enough weapon buttons :)

Rupe Wilson

Well after my recent dip into the F1 stars demo, it left me feeling a little disappointed in the feeling of what could of been..
I know it was only a demo but it didn't have that zing i was looking for..A friend said to me like they do, why not try Blur..I tried the demo on a xbox and i have to say its rather good so good that I told a friend on steam. He doesn't like race sims at all but for some reason this little game... I say little but its massive in what you can do.. he rather liked and before we knew it we were playing this game and having fun..
it seems to have power ups, guns, shields, mines, etc and you can slide the car...
many different vehicles and a great choice of game play modes..

So if F1 stars doesn't have what your looking for and want that kind of game.. sitting on the sofa with your controller in your hands with your mates and having a blast letting your hair down.. This old game is maybe what your looking for.....
Have fun i am...



Blur is a fantastic game - just a pity Blur and Split/Second took sales off each other. Apparently Activision had plans for Bizarre to make an F1 game but Codemasters got the licence...anyone who played F1 and F1 '97 back in the day would know what Bizarre could have done. Further, Bizarre's MSR and their PGR series are fantastic sim-cade fun :inlove:

Rest In Peace Bizarre Creations
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