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Blue Archive (Aru) Itasha for WDTS Nissan 180SX

Skins Blue Archive (Aru) Itasha for WDTS Nissan 180SX 1.0

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spadeshiro submitted a new resource:

Blue Archive (Aru) Itasha for WDTS Nissan 180SX - It's Aru.

Back with another itasha, this time it's themed around Blue Archive.

Requires WDTS Version of Nissan 180SX.

Extract to \assettocorsa\content\cars\wdts_nissan_180sx\skins

View attachment 495742
View attachment 495741

All assets of Blue Archive are owned by NAT GAMES and Yostar, I have zero rights to claim any of it. Everything else, parody brands and R&S DesignWorks are property of R&S...

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