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F1 2014 Blatant Cheating - TRL Prefix

F1 2014 The Game (Codemasters)
Has anyone else using Xbox360 noticed the top lap times in TT posted by persons using the TRL prefix in their user names? I have long suspected some of these lap times were obtained using cheats but haven't been able to find real proof until today. I am not suggesting that all players using the TRL prefix are cheats, but some lap times seem impossible. In another thread there has been a discussion about lap times at Silverstone for the 2014 game. I checked mine then decided to load the 2013 game and check my time at Silverstone to compare my time and the top times for both years.

In TT in the 2013 game, Xbox360, I noticed TRL 2Fast4You had posted 0:58:072 at Silverstone; also 0:58:072 at Nurburgring, 0:58:072 at Budapest. Update: also identical times at Australia, Malaysia, China and Bahrain. I checked his friends list, only one friend TEQUIM who has posted 1.02.880 at Malaysia, Bahrain, Singapore and Korea all identical times 1.02.880.

Whilst this proves beyond doubt that cheating is possible in this game, I am not sure whether actual laps have been performed or whether it is some sort of save game file cheat. But if that can be done, then altering car performance can also be done.

How can we tell which is a genuine fast lap time in this game and how to benchmark the honest, fastest time?
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