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EU Blancpain GT @ Brands Hatch - Tue 20th Aug 2019

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Competizione Racing Club' started by Daniel Monteiro, Aug 16, 2019.

Added to Calendar: 20-08-19
  1. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel Monteiro
    Staff Premium

    We have to remember that most of us are playing a car game at home, and a very little percentage (!) of us has actually driven real life races, let alone being a full-time race-car driver :geek: and this normally shows in formation laps. We will keep on having them, as everyone will learn how to proceed and get used to them in time :thumbsup:
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  2. Martin Fiala

    Martin Fiala

    I don't really see too many similarities with the rF2 formation lap, given that rF2 clearly tells you who to follow and in which lane (and also to catch up if you're lagging behind), with the name tag of the car to follow also being highlighted in yellow if you have name tags enabled (which I generally don't ever since RD made a big deal of showing driver names on video, so maybe ACC does something like that as well if you have them enabled), and I've also never experienced a formation lap where you start double file, then you are *supposed* to go single file, and then get back to double file again. If there's a double file start in rF2, in my experience people generally follow that throughout the formation lap, except maybe momentarily for hairpins and other tight spots.

    So yeah, I wouldn't say it's that similar at all. But I of course fully agree about it ultimately being a matter of getting used to (though I'm honestly not sure if I'll bother, between the input lag issues and other frustrating things, it's kinda starting to look like it's not worth it, but that's obviously just me).
  3. Trebucht


    The formation lap format is 1 to 1 like the one in the blancpain gt series. There are plenty of videos out there showing how they do it.
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