Black screen when starting. Vanilla install. ( Solved )

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    Hi all

    Woke up this morning, fired the game up and got a black screen. Nothing loads. I have no mods and the game has worked fine in the past. The only change is update to Geforce card a couple of days ago.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    UPDATE 1: I rolled back GeForce driver to 36.191, reinstalled the game and it loaded just fine but I couldn't enter my player name because my keyboard wouldn't type for some reason...weird. For the record, I didn't have my G27 plugged in either. So I forced quit out (because I couldn't press Escape), plugged my G27 and re-started the game and now I get black screen again.

    UPDATE 2: Unplugged G27, started game again and it loads just fine but still have same issue with keyboard. Doesn't allow me to type name in.

    UPDATED 3: Updated GeForce drivers again. So when I have G27 NOT plugged in, game loads fine but keyboard doesn't work so I can't enter Player Name (after fresh install). When I have G27 plugged in, I only get a black screen when launching game. The game was working fine in the week.

    UPDATED 4: OK, found the problem. XBONE pad was plugged in. For some reason, this was conflicting with G27 and the keyboard. Game is running fine for now.
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