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David Garcia

Hello guys,

please comment here the problems, bugs, or any other thing you find onthe mod. We will also appreciate if the comments are positive ones.

There is already a server running with the new MOD.

thx Mike, had found it in the meantime, currently downloading. Looks we have a fair chance of sticking with the Beemer, dummmdeedummm.
If the gallardo isn't changed it should be replaced. Its a Mosler with Marcos handling. So it has taken the away the only good thing about that car which is its handling.
If you only use 6 cars, why then don't you clone the original cars ? Orginal cars are very well balanced. That Gallardo def isn't balanced.

Even a fast team shouldn't be crippled by a useless car. Like we said the Morgan was to fast, i think the gallardo is to slow. At least thats is what we found out in pre-season testing. If you use only 6 cars then take those that where used by the teams, none picked cars where crap, some worse then others like that gallardo :) . Better still use close cars. Or even bettter use the GT PRO. GT sport is getting boring ;)

Ivo Simons

I would like to see the cars again wich we know are oke. All cars are used this season only not the Gallardo and maybe its a second Morgan. You never know.
So better stick with cars wich we know are oke. Like the Z4. :)
Testing sun 13/6

Location: DMSv gamehosters server

Cars: Porsche, Aston, M3, Lambo

Track: STC Algarve

Outcome: Well the lambo's to slow but we already knew that..

lots and lots of minidumps! As soon as a lambo joined, one or more drivers minidumped.
When a lambo drove past the pits, one ore more drivers minidumped.

Then it stopped.

Join, drive-by, whatever. It worked. not a single minidump no matter what we tried.
This is weird. Testing will continue..
Good testing john, Think this proves stick with the car we know that didn't cause problems.
We had problems with the vertigo/VW together in practice, but not in main race for some weird reason. DHR had the opposite. Testing everything would be almost impossible, its just not worth taking the risk.
We have been talking within the team about the tyre mod possibly being the culprit..

Sometimes race07 changes internal memory allocations. Perhaps that can screw things up if it isn't expecting
differing tyres. but our lead programmer is away working and I need to make him explain it so I understand before I
try to look knowledgeable here... :cool:

At least my problems stopped when I went on softs insted of hards but it could be incidental...

Ivo Simons

Hehe dont pin me on it. :D
But Gunthar as you know also made the F1 mod. And if i remember correctly he used the Soft and Hard Tyres from F1 for this mod but with different wear and grip. :)
Testing mon 14/6

Location: DMSv gamehosters server

Cars: Porsche, Corvette, Lambo

Track: STC Algarve

We removed all mods and modfiles from server and clients. Reinstalled and still had dumps with the lambo. But this time the lambo dumped..
Looked thru all directories and removed files named volkswagen/ultima/etc on server and clients. No change, still dumps

Neil Gault

Hock race was the only test i will manage to give these but from what i could see it went well, tyre wear and temps seem both about right, engine health only dropped 3% which is about right when you look what revs i was using during the race.

Used soft tyres for both stints and pitted around mid race so the tyre wear is as you would expect but i should of tried hard tyres for the second stint just to compare



As others said, engine need some work. didn't drop during the race even abusing it.

Tyres, first impression, hards don't last long enough compared to softs. Maybe go to qual supersoft tyres, mediums and hards.
Where the Mediums only just make it half distance. If find the grip loss with hard tyres to much compared to the little gain you had in wear.

Engine sound is awesom, love it.

Neil Gault

tried the new tyre mod and thought that they lasted too long so i started farting around and came up with this.
3 dry compounds
soft qual tyres which wear at around 3% per lap
medium tyres (around 1 sec slower per lap) wear 2.4% per lap
hard tyres (3 secs slower per lap than medium) wear 1% per lap


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