Bjorn de Haas staffmember

Hi guys,

From today i have become staffmember and gonna do a bit more here at RD then just racing.
Im gonna host the nk-pro events and cant wait to race with all of you guys:).
Alessandro has done a great job to set this up and to host events and i can only hope i can do the same.

Together with all of you we can have a great time here and i cant do it own my own making this a great netkar pro community so i need all of you guys and go for it as a team:)

a few thing will change here an there but ive you have ideas they are always welcome to my ears.
The demo contest where you can win a full copy of the game will be cancelled and i know what you guys are thinking now....
But dont worry it will come back but in a diffirent way, maybe as a league price maybe as a another contest, time will tell racing friends.

Furthermore we are gonna use the fiat abarth and formule 3 car a bit more because those are 2 great cars. And also the winner of the race can choose the next track, we did that in arca and it adds something extra to it.

The racing days are gonna stay as it is tuesday, but im gonna try to host a race extra in the weekend whenever i can so that we can help each other on track and have fun.

Well thanks for your time and i hope to see you all on track.


Ramon van Rijn

RaceDepartment Co-Founder
Already said in staff forums, but not in public :)

Very warm welcome to the racing staff (for nKPro) Bjorn. Hope you succeed in running the nKPro club with passion.
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