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EU Birthday Baluba - NASCAR @ Martinsville - Sun 21 Mar 2021

Ole Marius Myrvold

JWB 96-13
@Roy Magnes @Steve Le Gallez @Ingemar Petersson @Yves Larose @slideways @Kryztov @Feitd

Thanks for a great evening of oval racing last night! Really made the 2nd lockdown birthday in a row a lot more fun! :D Hopefully I'll find time for another oval-race in the future. With the exception of a bit too long SC-periods (can be adjusted) I think the ruleset worked quite good. Didn't seem like the SC was buggy or anything :)

I plan to do one race with the NASCAR Trucks when that mod is released, either as a mod or official S397 content - but that will be on one of the road courses that the series run IRL (did anyone say Mosport (Canadian Tires Motorsport Park)?)