big problem with my GSC

always playing the AssettoCorsa ,lately i’m told by friends a better race game named GSC.However i install the trial version 1.21,the problem appears.when i start the new race in any car or track,the Cockpit view just stop without changing meanwhile the engine 、clutch work normally(Judged by the virtul panel ),strangely Display panel of any car in GSC also don't work (such as speed 、stall),by pressing keyboard pageup or pagedown ,i failed to change the view (the sounds change by the pressing).
mini map works also the start ,i press "i" ,the ai
control my car ,after 30 sec ,i exited and watched the replay ,my car was runnng and the game view was normal.(i try the other version like v1.1 ,GSC 2012 ,the phenomenon just be the same)
OS:win7 64
Graphics card:GTX760 ,


screen shot:


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I am sorry no one has answered yet. Hopefully this bump will help. In the meantime, let me tell you that I own all the major Sims out there (including some I wish I hadn't bought). GSC is a gem and whatever issue you have you will be able to fix in the non demo version. For its cost, not buying GSC is sort of silly if you like the genre. It's a splendid sim, works really well (usually), it's built on a solid base, it's crafted with love and it has, out of the box, very unique cars you won't find elsewhere. Plus lately a truckload of mods and tracks have become available, making it a better platform than rFactor, at least in my opinion.

Go ahead and purchase it. We will help you fix it if you continue having issues, but I am pretty sure you won't.


Sorry the technical bits are right over my head. Perhaps someone more tech savvy can help :)


I think that trying to fix a demo version of any sim that doesn't cost $60 is a waste of time. By the time you are done, your time has expired. GSC is such an incredible deal and such a good sim, it is worth the money. I think I paid $25 for mine and then another $25 when it was updated later. Still, I have had it for the past 3 or 4 yesars and I got far more entertainment out of it than if I had spent the money elsewhere. Compared to rip offs like Codemaster games, especially those that are basically upgrades from a previous season, GSC is a steal.
Make sure the Options/Difficulty/Auto Pit lane is not turned on. I did this on my first race after installing the game for the first time. After hitting "i" for AI control and the car had left the pits, I then hit "i" again and I had control. Maybe this helps someone.