BIG parking Lot with Cones



Hello Everybody , I used to play RBR some time ago and loved it. I am now into autocross (US thing) and I was wondering if anybody knows an easy way to create a BIG parking lot type a thing and then easyly place cones with some kind of accuracy ?
This is what I am trying to simulate: [ame][/ame]

Any help Will be appreciated.

Thank you

Eric Tozer

Mar 16, 2009
I would just make a track as you would a regular track & then use a flat road texture as terrain to fill in the gaps.
You can place cones accurately using the object align to track tool.




yea, It looks like you have solid data to work from, convert that data to GPS or CSV format as the drivable area, then fill all outside area with flat terrain. you will have to manually place the cones, but once you have the data imported as a track, it should be fairly easy to put the cones where you think they should be based on your existing driveline and video.

edit: also, doing the line you drove as a track will make it far easier to put skidmarks in the right places later on.


Thank you for the thoughts guys. What I also did is created the MAX wide road and that seems preety big. but I can't open it in RBR. I copied the files as it is explained in the help file but I don't get the plugins options in the game ... any Ideeas with that?


I got the RBRSR2009 installed and now it works WOOOHOOO :).

another quick question , is there a way to import cone/object possitions from GPS?


I can't find a good way to measure the distance between cones ... can anybody think of something? also where can I find cones that act like cones not walls?

R Soul

Apr 19, 2009
In real life they won't be placed in the exact same places each time, so I think all that matters is that they look okay.

The collisions can be fixed via the object properties (in the Edit tab). Select 'Moveable'.

If you're building up an XPack, you can set the way it moves: Sign (fall over) or cone (bounce away).

A problem with using moveable objects to define the track is that if they all get pushed out of the way, people will no longer know where the corners are, and they could receive 'cut track' warnings (which I think stops the current lap time being recorded). I think you should make a few concessions to reality for the sake of enjoyability, e.g. using concrete blocks for the corners. Then people will always know where the corners are.