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Big changes since 879?


Apr 9, 2015
Silly question, I know... But I managed to get my hands on Version 879 (Admitielly, this was a leaked version), but I have every intention of buying the game at full price.

Since then have there been so massive changes? At the moment I'm finding the AI is literally battering everything out of the way, they aren't really respecting postions as much as I thought they would.

One of the biggest aspects for me is the F1. Do AI now use kers, is the pit system stragetic like you see in real life? Are AI effected by tyre wear because in 879 they would not be effected by cold or destroyed tires? I have also noticed there is no tyre damage visual, it's just normal?


Jun 16, 2009
Was 879 also leaked? That sounds weird. As far as I know only builds 829 to 834 were leaked and ALL of them were horribly, utterly, broken. So many bugs and oddities. In short: The game has DRASTICALLY changed since the leaked builds.. heck even a hundred builds before the leak the game was infinitely better.

It's oddly satisfying that the leaked versions happened to be some of the most broken code in the whole development cycle. The bad part is of course if people are stupid enough to think it somehow represents the final game.

I can't answer your question about AI tire wear though but I know it's one of those things that has been tweaked over and over again.. and will probably be refined and further tweaked in future patches because it's such a difficult thing to get balanced.

Grega Zorc

Apr 26, 2014
I had to try those builds for the lightning effects and time transition alone, because the anticipation was killing me. I always considered them as demo alpha builds, far from release quality. It was a good fix through the winter though. Program never crashed, ran smooth, I enjoyed cruising around at sunrise or sunset with a touch of light rain. Didn't seem that broken to me...

But now it's finally time for the proper release.
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Apr 9, 2015
I appreciate your replies but no one can talk about kers or the AI here? my whole focus is career and it needs to be very real! ;(


Apr 9, 2015
I appreciate your replies but no one can talk about kers or the AI here? my whole focus is career and it needs to be very real! ;(
To se how good the AI is now, go to youtube and search for aarava and find a recent video of his with the name:
Project CARS Gameplay: Formula C Race at Donnington Park! PC PS4 Xbox One

Here you can really see how good the AI is

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