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    Hello Boys
    Sorry if I open a new post, I just wanted to let you see, (HIGHLY PERSONAL OPINION OF COURSE) the best wheel in the world.
    Frex Type G Mod Team Arc, ModFfrizione engineer, Mattarella Raffreddamemt or H20.
    I was lucky enough to hold and try the best devices, G 25, G27, with and without mods, VPP, Frex, ECCI 7000 cSt, for sim reacing.
    I must say that with this wheel with the two mod literally becomes spectacular,,,
    arc the mod team for driving the 25 g Frex increases of at least 2, 3 Nm the torque of the wheel, and through changes to the clutch of my friend ing.mecc.Mattarella you can download all in a very linear torque combined with raffrerddamento water on the engine ..
    At this point you end up talking about the various parameters, Mechanics, and more FFB, you enter a world in which you turn the steering wheel, drive, and after 5 minutes you stop, you start to laugh at reality in which the projects will Frex ..
    I'll break your arms, the steering wheel you out of hand, m jumping curbs, feel like real hollows, after 10 laps you stop to catch your breath, you never want to stop turning, hoping that this great pleasure never ends .. .....
    Who wants to have the pleasure to try it, my house and 'open to all friends ...
    I wanted to thank Andrea, of Stephen, the 'Arc team for all their support.
    Mattarella the engineer all the time lost for the model of the clutch and also Daniel Almeda for advice on fats to be used for Maintenance Tools, literally,.

    mail box with 25 g arcteam with mod, you can see the booster light blue and all cindensatori and resistance change

    cooling kit h20

    42 v power supply

  2. nizza7


    hello guys

  3. Vito Lombardi

    Vito Lombardi

    Hi Nizza7,

    Interested in your wheel setup. However could you in... List format.. detail all the componets attached to your wheel. I know you mentioned it above but if you would'nt mind it would be easier for me to follow through as I'm looking to upgrade and you seem quite exited about your setup.

    I also noticed that you have experienced the ECCI Tracstar 7000. How would you compare this wheel to your modified frex.

  4. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    Very impressive that it could break your arms lol, but funny thing, all the cars I have driven both on the road and on track have never ever ripped the wheel from my hands, the most physical effort I have ever expended steering has always been in karting ?
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  5. Paul Mullins

    Paul Mullins

    Sorry, but any modification where you are forced to use a water cooling system to cool the motor is, IMO, a poorly designed HACK..!!

    Why don't ARC re-design their systems properly using motors that are properly rated instead of just over-powering motors which cause them to over heat? It's not like ARC 'give' away their mods either..!! $300 for 4 FETs and a couple of diodes (ie. H-bridge) is a rip.
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