Best track settings for AI races?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Bigrt, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Bigrt


    Hi all,

    Does anyone have any tips for setting up the tracks (lap count etc) for getting a good race with the AI? I'm normally running about a 24 lap race and I find the AI is pitting around about lap 21-23 in most cases. I've no idea if the game actually simulates the mandatory pit stop for fuel or not, but how many laps would the AI normally do before running out? Are my races too short for them to be running out, and so they're just doing a mandatory stop? Are they running out and refueling?

    Is there any setting I can change so the AI will use a bit more fuel? I know there's the increase fuel usage by 2x 4x etc in the game menu, but that's not what I want. The AI seems to burn about 50% less fuel than I do.
  2. Team DTO

    Team DTO

    I don't race laps, I use the default 50 minute race, but I can tell you this. On normal fuel use, the front running ai cars will pit once during the race prior to lap 20 (Stock car rules). I turn off tire wear because the ai cars don't wear their tires.(I read this will be fixed in a future update). So, since you are racing 24 laps, which is about 40 minutes on the longer tracks, just race a timed race with normal fuel use and you'll be fine. Racing for real is more fun.:D
  3. Fernando Zart

    Fernando Zart

    Well, this explains why I cannot keep up the pace with AI after the middle of the race... Is this still valid for the 1.6 version??
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